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Samples with every order

When artificial aromas send you into migraine hell.

You feel it every time you walk past the perfume counter of a department store, down the laundry aisle at the grocery store or pass your heavy-handed-cologne-using coworker's desk.

First, that zing right behind your eyes and the throbbing starts.
That's why essential oils are the natural choice for Alegna Soap. We make your world smell great without a headache.


    “I have had terrible psoriasis for months now, and after all of the medication, creams and treatments they have tried on me nothing has helped my skin. I wanted to […]

    Amanda H

     “I love Angela’s cream. It has helped me with my eczema more than any other cream I have used. It goes on so smoothly and it makes my skin feel […]

    Kaitlyn C, East Northport NY

    “I was fortunate to be gifted with Angela’s green tea soaps. They were made to order for me and totally enjoyable”

    Emily D, Jessup PA